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Below is a complete listing of every CKOC Big 500 countdown from 1977-1991


years Big 500 pop poster collage

View the Final Big 500 aired in Sept. 2015!

View the Big 500 of the '70s aired in April 2014!

January 2011 and I have begun the CKOC 1150 Archives Blog!

I finally acquired and have posted the 1974, 1975 and 1976 Big 500!
(thanks to the VERY generous person who wishes to remain anonymous--they even had these couriered to my front door!)

See CKOC On-Air personalities as they appeared on the back of the 1980 Big 500 Pop Poster!

View the CKOC Number One Hits of the '60s added Oct. 25, 2009!

The Oldies 1150 Big 500 Archives are up and running, added Oct. 18, 2009!

 View the BIG 1150 as heard on Oldies 1150 in Winter 2008!

 View the 1970 Edition of the CKOC Big 500 added April 29, 2006!

Check out the CKOC Big 500 Hits of All Time 1973 Edition
and view the back of the 1973 Big 500 Poster! A BIG thank-you to
Nevin Grant for unearthing this gem!